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  • 100% prepaid
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save up to 90% on international calling

International calling is easy and affordable with our calling cards. Making an international call using our phone cards will help you save up to 90% on your phone bill. Whether you're calling internationally or calling locally our phone cards are able to offer some of the best rates available.

Our calling cards can be used on mobile or landline with access numbers throughout Australia. We also have access numbers in the United States, UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, And New Zealand.

Phone Cards Are Sent To Your Email

No need to wait for a physical phone card to be mailed to you. After purchase we send your phone card directly to your email so you can start using your card almost right away. Inside your email you'll receive your access numbers, PIN and calling instructions.

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  • no hidden fees
  • no contracts
  • 100% prepaid
  • credit never expires
* Some telecommunications companies have increased their privacy technology which means if you have a private number the PIN-less technology on our calling cards may not work for you. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding this.