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Don't be fooled by some of the ridiculously low phone card rates on some of our competitor's websites. Most of those phone cards have weekly or monthly service, maintenance or administration fees. What this means is your phone card will be charged a fixed fee every week or every month even when you do not use your phone card! This is the only way such ridiculously low rates are possible. NONE of the cards on our website have any weekly or monthly service, maintenance or administration fees.

We have searched 1 phone cards for the best available rate to Andorra.

These two phone cards offer the best rate to Andorra. The first card has a connection fee the second card does not.

Cheapest Card without connection fee to call Andorra

Phone Card Rate, A$ Connection Fee Billing Increment Details Local access availability
Yabb Out 4.7 ¢/min Nil 1 min
Yabb Out Yabb Out Rate, A$: 4.7 ¢/min
Connection Fee: Nil
Billing Increment: 1 min
Yabb Out
Price Talk Time  
A$ 0.99 21min
A$ 4.99 1h 46min
A$ 9.99 3h 32min

Cheapest Card with connection fee to call Andorra

Rates of more cards to Andorra

Rate per minute and connection fees are GST inclusive
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